Lynrd: British singer and song writer, Joss Stone, has released her new single ‘Somehow’ in her unique voice. The single will be a part of her upcoming album ‘LP1’, which is all set to release on 26th July 2011.

Joss Stone

Stone had released her last album ‘Color Me Free’ in the year 2009, so the latest album would be like a come back for the singer after a break. In the track ‘Somehow’, the singer is supported with several powerful backing-vocalists.

But overall Stone’s voice dominates the track. When compared to her earlier tracks, the recent song is a bit more edgier and raw. ‘Somehow’ is a tough love song, where the singer speaks her heart our about her lover, she may or may not love.

Each and every bit of the track sounds emotional and as she has always done to her tracks. In the song, Joss has made the best use of her voice, which makes the track even more appealing. The singer is known for her unique style of singing, as if she is from another era. Her voice clearly projects that she has gone through hard living.

The announcement of her new album was made in March 2011, when she had said that the album would have some new material.


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