Teenage pop star Justin Bieber has recently debuted his track ‘Be Alright’. As a treat for the Beliebers during the festive season, the Canadian pop star for the first time on December 21, 2011 performed on the track for a jam packed crowd during ‘Justin Bieber: Home For The Holidays’, which is his Toronto based TV concert special.

Just before performing the singer announced that the track might be a part of his upcoming album and might even not be a part of the album. Bieber said that it is a song he is still working on and hasn’t finished work on it.

The singer while talking about the concept said that when there are hard times between a girlfriend and a boyfriend, one has to let them known that at the end everything is going to be fine. Bieber sat besides his guitarist and melted down in to the slow jam, while the audience clapped throughout his performance.

Bieber sang, “Across the Ocean, across the sea. Starting to forget the way you look at me now. Over the Ocean and across the Sky. Starting to forget the way you look in my eyes”. The singer later even shared about the most memorable moment in Twitter.

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