Canadian pop star Justin Bieber revealed a dreamy and romantic track ‘Love Me Like You Do’. The new track is a bonus song which will appear on the special edition of ‘Believe’. Now many know that the song has already arrived online and it is the only bonus track on the Ireland edition.

Thankfully the fans do not have to live in Ireland to enjoy the special edition track, thanks to the internet, which can help the fans get everything from Bieber. The new track is a spare song which features a repeated beat and is infused with soft and steady drum and bass instrumentation which has been merged with Bieber’s mid range vocals.

Seems like the singer has saved it until the end of the song. The song also features some nasally raps which sounds more like his brother Drake and also has some auto tuned effects.

Overall, it a buttery track which will leave the fans of the singer mesmerised as it is a sweet song. ‘Believe’ is all set to drop on June 19, which is just next week. So do not forget to grab a piece of Bieber for yourself from the stores.'
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