Canadian pop star Justin Bieber loves his fans and never disappoints them. The singer offered his fans an unplanned serenade for a big crowd of fans screaming in Paris just below his balcony.

Bieber, after suffering from concussion after he walked in to a glass wall in the city, turned out and performed for his screaming fans in Paris. The singer was seen holding a megaphone, while wearing a leather jacket and accompanied by an acoustic guitar.

Bieber sang his latest hit ‘Boyfriend’, the whole ‘Na na na na na’ part while the ladies listening and watching him also sang along with him at the top of their voice. The interaction lasted for about a minute after which the singer asked his fans to hush by putting his finger to his mouth.

The fans even obliged his request and became silent. But the silence ended when Bieber started blowing kisses to his fans. The only disappointing part was that the shouting fans of the singer might have irked the people nearby, working shopping, eating or engaged in other activities. In another incident in Paris, the singer on May 31, ran on to a pane of glass when he was performing in the city.'
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