Teen pop star Justin Bieber headed towards London to preview his upcoming album ‘Believe’. The singer could not have got a better way to give his fans the opportunity to give his fans a teaser of his upcoming tracks.

The singer went on and previewed the tracks like ‘Die In Ur Arms’, ‘All Around the World’ and more. The singer while talking about his track ‘Die In Ur Arms’ said that it is “old school and new school at the same time,”, while the track All Around the World’ features Ludacris.

The title track ‘Beleive’ was written down on his birthday specially for his fans. Justin revealed that he wrote the track was written for his fans, who had inspired him. BIeber said, Listen to the words … it means a lot. I wrote it on my birthday — it was midnight in the studio and Scooter [Braun] wanted to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me but I was like ‘No, let me finish this song!’”

While talking about the track ‘Be Alright’, it was written on a plane and was recorded in Indonesia, while the track ‘Right Here’ will feature Drake n the final version. During a question and answer event , the singer also addressed what it takes to be a good boyfriend.

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