Justin Bieber runs over paparazzi outside church in Beverly Hills

Pop superstar Justin Bieber may appear to be turning over a new leaf, but that apparently just involves more scandals. The singer recently cancelled his Purpose World Tour and left global fans disheartened, and now he’s damaged another person – a member of the paparazzi. Justin was caught on tape running over a cameraman shortly after exiting a church in Beverly Hills.

At around 9.30pm local time police were called to a scene that involved a number of paparazzi, with an injured man on the ground and Justin Bieber and his entourage trying to console the man.

Though a number of people would be quick to judge Bieber, the truth is that the paparazzi, desperate to photograph the young star, end up violating his personal space, to the detriment of their own well being. Bieber was surrounded on all sides by flashing bulbs, and though the photographers were warned, the star got into the driver’s seat and promptly ran over one of the members present. When he realized what had happened, he jumped out of his car and went to assist the injured man.

It was also reported that Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kourtney Kardashian had her car parked in the vicinity and was witness to the incident. Police arrived minutes later and questioned those present, including Justin Bieber, but no arrests were made. The injured unidentified man was taken to a local Los Angeles hospital where he was treated to his non-fatal injuries that occurred below the waist.

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