Lynrd: While American singer and actress Selena Gomez hit the stage on Sunday night in Costa Mesa in California, her sweat heart Justin Bieber joined her. The fans were totally unaware of Bieber’s appearance on the stage and the singer came like a huge surprise in between the concert.

Justin-Bieber-and-Selena-Gomez Concert

A video that was posted online had shown Bieber giving Gomez a huge hug before he started off with the acoustic version of Justin Timberlake’s ‘Cry Me a River’ for his fans and off course for is lady love Selena. Bieber had also treated his fans with the track ‘Favorite’.

Later the singer on the social networking site and had conveyed his love that she had done a great job on stage. Wonder why Bieber had to appreciate her in public, as he could have done it better personally.

Bieber said, ‘Had a great night and surprised the people, felt good to be on stage, nothing is changing that.’ The singer added that he misses the tours and is eager to share new music with his fans as he loves music. Earlier, Selena had also conveyed a big thank you to her fans for her birthday wishes from her fans, who had showered so much of love.

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