Lynrd: Canadian singer and song writer Justin Bieber has recently said that he is planning to reveal his new album. Bieber, while talking to MTV news, said that he is still in the process of creating the latest album.


The 17-year-old Canadian pop star wasn’t generous enough to give out the release dates or even the probable period, but the ‘Baby’ singer gave some idea about the type of vibes that would be used for the latest tracks for his new album.

Bieber has explained that he has used much of his acoustic guitar and so the tracks would have such vibes. Though it has been not more than a year since he had released ‘My World 2.0’, the new album will always have takers.

Since Lil Wayne has recently released his latest acoustic love song of his own, the rapper will not be working with Bieber. On the other hand, Bieber said that he would like to work more with himself. The singer also admitted that he wants to write himself and wants to work with more producers. The latest album of Bieber will be produced by the singer himself.

Well we wonder if Bieber’s new album will feature girl-friend Selena Gomez on it. A duet maybe Justin?'
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