Justin Bieber’s Hilarious And Salty Reaction To The Weeknd’s Music

Now that we all know that Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are officially a couple, it’s time to go about getting reactions from their respective exes! This past week, the tabloids have been in a frenzy over the new couple as they took their romance overseas and are currently enjoying a vacation in Florence, Italy. The pair were spotted holding hands and gazing at each other while visiting museums in the city. The pairing first came to light when they were snapped behind a dumpster making out, not a care in the world that cameras were flashing.

The Weeknd’s ex, Victoria’s Secret supermodel Bella Hadid has kept mum about her ex moving on so fast with a fellow member of the Swift Squad, but her actions spoke louder than words. She was photographed flipping the bird to paparazzi shortly after the news of Selena and The Weeknd getting out, and later on posted that picture to her Instagram. To add fuel to the fire, she also unfollowed Selena on the same social media site.

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It was only a matter of time before tabloids would start hounding Selena’s ex, pop star Justin Bieber. He and Sel were really close and had even moved in together, when they first started going out. Though their volatile romance was on and off, they’ve managed to keep their names together whenever either one is mentioned in public. And now, we come to the reaction that Justin Bieber had when asked about his ex’s apparent closeness to the Starboy.

The singer was cornered by TMZ, and the response he gave was hilarious and salty AF. Of course, wouldn’t you want to bite the head off of your ex’s new love, especially when he’s competing on the pop charts with you? Hell, yeah! So, TMZ asked him if he listened to his fellow Canadian’s music, to which Bieber quickly responded: “Hell no! That sh*t’s wack!”

Watch the video below and have a good laugh, because at this moment, we can totally relate to The Biebs. We feel you, Justin!

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