On Thursday, American pop musician Justin Timberlake performed for a second free show in 24 hours in New York at the Irving Plaza. Thought the singer has been lately concentrating on acting, Justin came back with music.

It had felt like as if he wanted to remind his fans that music is still his first love. The singer had appeared to support FreeSol, who’s album has been released under his label Tennman Records. FreeSol had performed a full set before Timberlake had performed.

The Friends With Benefits star in between had also joked that he is not trying to be a serious actor for the record. The free show started at 09:15 pm and had wrapped up at 11 pm. The singer before taking the stage had played the keyboard and also was singing backup for the band FreeSol.

Timberlake also performed some of his hits like Cry Me A River, Dead and Gone, and What Goes Around. The singer also sang Like I Love You from his first solo album after which he said that he is getting too old for this. The fans too were so enthusiastic that the singer stopped singing in between and used to let the crowd sing instead.

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