Kanye West Announces New Album Title

By now we are used to scrolling through our Social Media and seeing regular updates about Kanye West first verbally attacking Wiz Khalifa and estranged girlfriend Amber Rose through Twitter, then Kanye West at New York Fashion Week, Kanye West this and Kanye West that. While he has been in the news more for his outlandish behavior and loose mouth, there is some extremely good news for fans and the industry – Kanye West just announced his yet-to-be released album title — Drum Roll Please — “The Life Of Pablo”.

Initially, the R&B star had named the title, “Waves”, after formerly naming it “Swish”, though fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa admonished him on Twitter, claiming that he was stealing the title from his friend Max B. During the early tweets there was confusion about whether Khalifa was insulting Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian, that resulted in a bitter exchange of words, mostly from Kanye’s side, calling the two rapper’s common former flame, Amber Rose out and dragging Khalifa’s child into the verbal brawl.

When it comes to the album title, there have been numerous changes being made – first Swish, then Waves and now The Life Of Pablo. There’s a debate currently going on as to what the name could mean, though some are saying that it has something to do with Pablo Escobar, while those more in the know say that it has to do with Pablo Picasso, since the star has made a comparison between him and the late painter in the past.

There’s going to be an official listening party at Madison Square Garden for the album, the track list of which was handwritten and posted on West’s Instagram account. His last release was Yeezus in 2013. This is a long awaited album that fans have been waiting to take a listen to.

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