American singer Kanye West has banned fans from pre-ordering his upcoming album. The new album ‘Yeezus’ is all set to hit the stores on June 18, 2013. This news came out when Kanye’s friend and fashion designer Jean Touitou posted a picture of the album with a caption “No pre-order. Please purchase June 18.”


The album can be purchased only starting June 18, 2013 and even though ‘Stronger’ singer is trying to be mysterious, not allowing his fans to pre-order an album can simply be a bad business move on his part. It is as if he is telling fans that he does not want their money and that they can pirate the album instead. This recent move by Kanye is seen as a new tactic, as the album is nowhere to be found in the iTunes store.

On the other hand, bands like One Direction have shown the true impact of pre-order. Their single ‘Live While We Are Young’ went to number one in 40 countries, more than a month before its official release.

However, it seems like Kanye does not want such kind of publicity around his new album. Fans are also hoping that the picture Tweeted by the fashion designer is not the actual artwork for the album, as they expected something better from him.'
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