Kanye West fans to host a Hey Mama Day on day Taylor Swift releases Reputation

Kanye West fans seriously have no chill. It’s 2017 and we are all over the whole Kanye West-Taylor Swift nonsense that has been going on for a while now. After Taylor Swift dropped Look What You Made Me Do and dissed her haters, particularly West and Kim K, people are just trying to add more fuel to the fire. The latest ruckus was caused when someone noticed that Reputation, Swift’s upcoming album, will be releasing on the death anniversary of Kanye’s mom, Donda.

Though reps for Swift have said that Reputation has nothing to do with Kanye’s mom, the rapper’s fans are still trying to dig out any glowing embers in the coal. So what are they planning to do? Well, if you’re just a normal person out there, don’t stream anything on November 10. Kanye’s fans are going to put Hey Mama, a track that was dedicated to Donda, on repeat on streaming site, trying to take it to #1.

Basically, they want to dampen any hopes of Taylor Swift’s new album making it to #1 on the first day. Instead of streaming any complete album, they are concentrating their efforts on just this one track. There’s a Facebook event page and everything, so be prepared.

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