Kanye West Reveals His New Year Resolution for 2017

Rapper Kanye West Makes a Strong New Year Resolution for 2017

While it has indeed been a trying year for Kanye West – with his wife Kim Kardashian being bound, gagged and robbed at gun point of jewelry worth $10 million, the couple has endured severe mental trauma from the incident.

But it’s that hopeful time of the year when everyone looks forward to a bigger and better New Year and Kanye West is no exception. When stopped by the papparazzi on his way back from a 24 Hour Fitness health club on Tuesday, December 27 – he was asked about his New Year Resolution for 2017.

Yeezy replied,”I just want everybody to be happy.”

This resolution is of course a reflection of how well Kanye West and the Kardashians are coping with the burglary incident that took place in Paris in October. After the incident Yeezy was hospitalized in November after reported bouts of paranoia and depression. There were even rumors of a divorce looming over the couple.

However, all seems to be well in the West family paradise and Kanye’s Christmas tweet confirms the same. He shared a family portrait from the Kardashian’s annual Christmas Eve party –

All’s looking good for Kanye’s music career too as reports confirm that he has started working on his new album – Cruel Winter post his release from the hospital.

We wish Kanye West and Kim Kardashian a very Happy New Year and hope all remains well in the West Family! Definitely looking forward to the release of Cruel Winter.

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