Kat DeLuna to launch her upcoming album in June

American singer and songwriter, Kat DeLuna revealed that she is all set with her new album which is due t0 be out in June 2015. This means that the summers are going to be fun as the new single ‘Bum Bum’ out in March 2015 is already doing the rounds.


The single features Trey Songz and Shaggy and the track has a old school reggae and R & B but with a spotless pop sheen. The singer in an interview said, “It’s paying homage to those who came before”. Kat also revealed that name of her new album that will be ‘Viva Out Loud’ and is due to be released in fall 2015.

An excited singer shared, “I had fun making the album, I took my time making the album — everyone knows that, even my DeLunatics, whom I love, my fan army!” The singer also said that she is satisfied with what is ready to be released as it is something that reflects her personality. Kat added that from the words to the specific beats, everything has been worked on.

The upcoming album will be the singer’s third album after her 2007 debut album ‘9 Lives’ and the upcoming album will be a follow up to the 2010 album ‘Inside Out’.

Photo Credits: ninapeople

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