Lynrd: American singer and songwriter, Katy Perry recently premiered her latest video. The video was an alien inspired track. E.T. The singer has collaborated with Kanye West for the music of the video.

katy perry et

The promo of the video shows the singer transforming in to a purple coloured alien, while she floats in the air. Perry then gradually gets closer to the Earth and slowly turns in to a red floating creature.

Katy also appears as a golden warrior with the looks resembling Cleopatra. Perry, while speaking about the video shoot said that a lot of effort had been taken especially for the makeup.

The make up artists have taken pains to give Perry the extra terrestrial look. The singer said that it took about five hours for the make up of every look, she had in the video. Perry added that one has to go through some painful procedures, while doing films. Some times one has to look like an old person or even an animal, Perry said.

Katy had also carried a look inspired by the David Bowie flick, Man Who Fell To Earth. In the last scene the singer is seen with deer like legs, with the human limbs transformed to legs like that of a dog.'
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