Lynrd: American Singer and song writer Katy Perry recently set the stage of the American Idol on fire with her glittering performance on her latest track E.T. The singer looked like a lady, who has just descended from another planet.

katy_perry_live keyne west

Along with Perry, Kayne West too appeared along with the singer. West’s appearance on stage wasn’t announced and was a total surprise act. The performers delivered a spectacular performance on stage, which made it obvious that the show must have cost a fortune to the producers.

Perry, who appeared in lighted costume, was joined with a group of dancers to support her on stage. The E.T singer was mid way joined by West, which seemed like he had interrupted Perry’s performance.

The audience was equally surprised on West’s appearance, but his cameo had made the show even more exciting. West appeared in a fur jacket and managed to grab all the attention in spite of all the glitter created for Perry on stage. Finally, the two outrageous singers proved that they too share a good chemistry on stage and gave an outstanding treat for the audience making them want more. Perry’s E.T along with Teenage Dream, California Gurls and firework had topped the charts of the Billboard Hot 100.'
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