American singer Katy Perry is in the news again, as her new single ‘Roar’ seems to have a strong resemblance to Sara Bareilles’s song ‘Brave’. It has also been reported that the video recalls one by Dillon Francis. With these allegations, the ‘California Gurls’ singer has been accused of plagiarism for the melody, as well as for the video for her latest single ‘Roar’.


The fans of the singer have pointed out to similarities between Perry’s recent work and works by Sara Bareilles and Dillon Francis. The single ‘Roar’ was released on August 12, 2013 and it is the first single from Perry’s upcoming album ‘Prism’. On the other hand, Sara released her own bright and propulsive single – a track titled ‘Brave’ – which reached No. 61 on the US charts and has plenty of things in common with ‘Roar’.

Many fans have even mashed the two songs together in order to show similarities. Now the issue has become even more serious, as Perry herself tweeted about it. While talking about ‘Brave’, the ‘Firework’ singer said in May 2013 that she ‘hearts’ Bareilles.

Moreover, DJ Dillon Francis started clamouring about the resemblance between ‘Roar’ lyric video and his own clip for the track ‘Messages’. The single has a video which features text bubbles, emoji and other trappings of trendy instant messaging.

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