Lynrd: American singer and song writer Katy Perry, recently released the video of the song ‘Last Friday Night’. Perry in the video seems like she is having a great time.


The whole feel of the video is inspired by the 80s teen flick. Apart from the retro feel, the video also has some sections of random cameos by celebrities. The celebrities that have appeared include, Debbie Gibson and Corey Feldman as Perry’s parents, Rebecca Black, Darren Criss, keving McHale and Kenny G.

Perry in the video is a 13 year old teenager, who has a face which is covered with braces. The eight minute video shows certain tried and true stories of teen movies. Perry in the video can be seen in the geek look and then totally transforming in her real self.

The singer gets totally transformed while her parents are away. The Katy Perry video has also given a chance to Rebecca Black to play the role of a cool girl. Black in the video tried to appear cool, and also is seen ripping off Perry’s mustache. Katy in the video can be seen, the way none of her fans would like her to see. Before the launch of the video, the singer is trying in her Kathy Beth Terry alter-ego to the next stage.'
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