American singer and song writer Katy Perry has recently released a remixed version of her current single ‘The One That Got Away’. The remix version of the single also features rapper B.o.B.

Except the two verses at the beginning and the ending portions of the song nothing much has been changed in the song. It is just that B.o.B has touched the song with a few rhymes and has seasoned it with a little of an urban spice.

In the opening verse of the song the Atlanta based rapper talks about his lady love with whom he lost touch after she joins college and changes her number. Apart from the heart break the rapper also talks about how sometimes people grow apart even when they don’t want to.

The singer is now aiming to take the single to the number one position so that she could get the title of getting the most number of hits from a single album. At present the original track of the song is at number four and the remix there are all the possibilities that it may hit the number one position. On December 15, 2011 the singer was selected as the Artist of The Year by MTV.'
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