Lynrd:  American singer and actress Katy Perry has recently unleashed the art cover of her single ‘Last Friday Night (TGIF)’. The singer in the cover is seen in a new geeky look with a huge hair do.


Katy on the cover is seen sporting a teenage look with large specks and braces, smiling away as if she is proud to show off her braces. This will be the fifth single for Katy’s album. The single is entirely different from the earlier hit E.T.

E.T had taken the listeners on a ride to the future. Last Friday Night has been inspired by Sixteen Candles of John Hughes. Perry in the cover can be seen scribbling in her diary her wish list as a teenager, while on the other side she can be seen sporting triangle ear rings with a smile full of braces.

However, despite the appealing cover art, there are fears that the actual track behind the track could be over shadowed. But considering the earlier hits, it can be easily predicted that the single would not disappoint the fans of the singer. Perry started singing at the age of 15. Since childhood the singer grew by listening to only gospel music as she is the daughter of an evangelist in California.

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