American singer and song writer Katy Perry was recently spotted shooting for the video of her upcoming single ‘Part Of Me’. On the sets of the video, the ‘Firework’ singer was seen wearing a military uniform.

Many pictures of the shoot made their way online in which Perry is seen with a cropped black wig and fatigues. One of the shots of her shows her standing next to a male soldiers.

Another shot shows the singer standing in a store, while another picture of Perry shows her in a pool with a soldier while wearing the military outfit. Perez Hilton says that she is shooting the military themed video at Marine Corps base camp Pendleton in Oceanside California.

But the representative from the base could not confirm that she is shooting at the location on the other hand the representative did not respond over the query. Perry earlier this week had teased that she will soon be shooting for the video of ‘Part Of Me’. A day after the singer debuted the sing on Grammys she tweeted, “Holy power of the Grammy’s, Part Of Me is already top 10 on itunes! U guys are killing it! NICE! Can’t wait to shoot this video!”.

The ‘Teenage Dream: Complete Confection’ song is a bit darker than what Perry’s fans could expect.'
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