American singer Katy Perry recently talked about her new album ‘Prism’, in which she explained what she has gone through during her break up and divorce from husband Russell Brand. Perry is known for her catchy and happy tunes, but this time she chose a different route and opened up about the tough times she experienced while dealing with divorce.


In an interview, the ‘I Kissed a Girl’ singer stated that in one of her songs, she sings about being on the bathroom floor, crying after her break up. Perry said, “Imagine what happens when you go through a break up. We all go through break ups and we all get very depressed and desperate. The lyrics are very exact and autobiographical.”

The ‘Roar’ singer went on to say that listeners will be able to hear how she found her strength throughout the song. The song begins very low and then she stands up for herself and says ‘No!’. Perry also explained that many times when one looks in the mirror while crying, it will make you feel like crying further, as you are feeling sorry for yourself.

While talking about her single ‘Unconditionaly’, the ‘Firework’ singer said that it is partially influenced by her current boyfriend, rocker John Mayer.

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