American singer and song writer Katy Perry unveiled her latest single ‘Part Of Me’ at the 2012 Grammy Awards on February 12, 2012. Perry started off her performance on the stage with ‘E.T’, her duet with Kanye West.

The stage went almost pitch dark with just some green lights on the stage. After some time the music abruptly stopped and the audience too became confused for a while.

But that was only the singer’s entry point and she appeared in a window with wild blue hair with matching sunglasses and the ‘Firework’ singer opened the song like a ballad and then threw out her strength.

Perry surprised everyone while she broke the glass and made a mega entry dressed like a super woman. The track ‘Part Of Me’ is a part of her release ‘Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection’. Katy abruptly ended the track ‘E.T’ and broke in to her defiant ‘Part of Me’. The move was kind of reflective of her recent divorce with husband Russell Brand while she sings, ‘You can keep the diamond ring , it don’t mean nothing anyway’.

The new track was a complete surprise package from the singer. Perry was seen with new dance moves and a new attitude and seems like she has moved on for good.'
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