Lynrd: The founding member of the band The Rolling Stones,  Keith Richards in a recent interview revealed some of his important plans for 2011. When he was asked if the band would work together again the song writer said , ‘I Am not trying to nail them down, but don’t want to crucify them.’


In the recent interview, where the guitarist had appeared on the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon show, Fallon said that he had witnessed the working on in a studio in New York, a few weeks ago. Richards said that he is currently working with his drummer, Steven Jordan for the right notes to strike.

The Rolling Stones founder also revealed that a new X-pensive Winos album is being planned. During the interview, Richards was asked by a fan about his favorite track from the Beatles, he said that ‘Please Please Me’ would be the one he would pick.  However, Richards also added that there would be a hundreds to select from, but ‘Please Please Me’ would undoubtedly remain the best.

Apart from planning his album, the musician will be appearing in The Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, which will be releasing on 20th May.

Keith Richards is recognized as the 10th greatest guitarist by the rolling stone magazine.

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