Lynrd: American pop singer and actress Kelly Clarkson has released a new teaser clip for her song ‘Let Me Down’. The track is a part of her upcoming album, which is due in the month of September 2011.


The teaser has been released just to give an idea about what the whole album of Clarkson is all about. In the clip, the singer can be heard singing the lyrics, ‘You’re only gonna let me down. When it counts, you count down. You’re only gonna turn me out’.

However, the clip is too short to access the nature of the music in the track. But the clip definitely sounds like some of the earlier pop choruses like ‘My Life Would Suck Without You’ and ‘Since U Been Gone’.

It is still not clear whether the track ‘Let Me Down’ will be the next single that would be released or if it would be of one of the leaked demos the singer had mentioned earlier.

Last week, Kelly after the leaked demos had surfaced online, the singer wrote on her micro blogging site that she does not know who is responsible for the leaks. The singer also explained that she records several songs every day which are also written by others.'
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