Lynrd: After all the misleading demos that had leaked on the internet, American pop singer and songwriter Kelly Clarkson, announced the launch of her brand new single. On Facebook, the Grammy winning sunger  said that the single of her new album will be released in July 2011.


Clarkson’s latest album is due to release in the month of September. The singer took time out of her busy schedule and explained to all her fans the truth behind the demos and the leaked songs.

On 14th May the singer on Facebook said, ‘I just heard another demo of mine leaked. I Don’t known how or who is doing it, but they are demos and not the real deal. I record a ton of songs I write and songs that other people write when I am making an album.’

Clarkson further wrote that she was sorry for the confusion and that she is more anxious to release her CD. The ‘Breakaway‘ singer added that the recording has been done and she is currently working on the mixing of the record. Clarkson is getting ready to release the single in July and is excited and anxious about it.

Fans are being warned not to assume any of the tracks that have been leaked.'
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