After American recording artist Kelly Rowland had said that singer Chris Brown is one of her influences for her recently released album, ‘Here I Am’, Rowland has announced touring with her inspiration. The former Destiny’s Child singer will soon be touring this summer.


Rowland on Tuesday said that she will be touring with Brown in the month of September. The singer has said that she is too excited about it and that all the logistics are now being worked out.

Rowland is now getting busy with the preparations of the show, while she emails and finds people to organize the whole thing. According to Rowland, Brown is an artist who is capable of handling music fusion well.

The singer said that it is that thing that she absolutely loves about Brown and Rihanna, who do not mind putting all their efforts for their album. Rowland added that she is proud that they are fully in to music and are doing a great job. Brown’s collaborator for See No More, Joe Jonas, said that he loves the chance of touring with the VMA nominated singer. Meanwhile, Brown has also assured his fans that the tour will be one crazy show and has also planned something big for his fans.'
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