British Jazz musician Kenny Ball, who rose to fame with his hit ‘Midnight in Moscow’, passed away in a hospital in Basildon, Essex. The trumpeter was 82 years old and was suffering from pneumonia.


Ball played his last concert in Chemnitz, Germany in the month of January 2013. The musician is survived by his partner and his son Keith, who joined his father on stage. Ball lived in Essex and became when his song ‘Midnight in Moscow’ hit number two on the charts in the year 1961.

The track sold more than a million copies across the globe. The trumpeter formed a band with the trombonist John Bennett in the year 1958. Syd Appleton, the stage manager of the band said, “Kenny had lungs like an elephant”. However over the course of the year a second trumpeter – Ben Cummings –  played with the band.

Appleton added, that playing the trumpet at the age of 82 is hard work, however he still managed to put on a show. The manager said that the death of the singer was a great loss and that he never forgot what made him great and those were his fans. In the year 1961, the band had their first hit ‘I Love You’. Ball left school at the age of 14 and became a clerk in an advertising agency. He then started taking trumpet lessons and became a professional in 1953.'
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