American singer and rapper Kesha’s new demo version of ‘U Better Know’ was recently leaked on the internet. The new demo that has been leaked sounds more of the singer clad in the guitar and it also sounds as if the singer has tried out some new sounds.

Similar to her earlier works, the demo sounds like a dance track with a rock feel to it. Kesha is heard singing in the track instead of her regular rapping mode.

For a change, the rapper turned singer sounds much better than her earlier tracks but it is still not clear if the track would be a part of her upcoming album with Dr. Luke. This is not the first time Kesha has tried her hands on rock. Earlier the singer showed off her rock skills at the Bob Dylan’s ‘Don’t Think Twice’ in Nashville.

The ‘Tick Tock’ singer she also tried her hand on another genre with Alice Cooper’s ‘What Baby Wants’. Moreover, this is not the first time a Kesha song has leaked. In the month of October, some of the pieces from the ‘Last Boyfriend’ also leaked on the internet. In the month of July, ‘Shots On The Hood Of My Car’ had become an internet sensation which was quite appreciated.'
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