Some times the audience get to witness some strange pairings in the world of music. American singer Kesha has got along with rock singer Alice Cooper for a reprise on record.


Both the singers have worked together on the track ‘What Baby Wants’. The track will be featured on ‘Welcome 2 My Nigtmare’, which is the sequel to ‘Welcome To My Nightmare’, a classic of Cooper in 1975.

“Welcome TO My Nightmare’ was released 12 years before singer Kesha was born. Seems like it is a good opportunity for the singer to represent the latest era of the track.

The ‘Tick Tock’ singer said that she would like her next music album to be more of the rock genre. And this collaboration gave her a chance to spend time with the legendary rock and roll singer Alice Cooper. So there are all possibilities that Cooper might help the singer and even feature in her next venture. Earlier this year, Kesha and Cooper had teamed up for a stage show in Oslo in Norway for the spectacular anthem of Cooper, ‘School’s Out’. Even in the year 2010, the singers had collaborated on the stage in her native Nashville. One thing is clear that Kesha has definitely some fondness for Cooper.

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