Kesha is about to drop her comeback album Rainbow, but is excited meeting Bob Dylan

Kesha has had a rough few years. After bursting on the scene less than ten years ago with her debut hit, Tik Tok, she kept topping the charts with her tracks, becoming one of the most celebrated artists of the generation. And then she went silent. Soon, headlines were flooded with news that she had filed a lawsuit against music producer and Kemosabe Records’ Dr. Luke. In the lawsuit, she accused him of sexual abuse and threatening her family. That was just the start of a number of years of her facing a difficult time. But now, she is ready for a comeback.

Her latest album, Rainbow is about to drop on August 11, and already her first track from the album, Praying has garnered millions of views. The whole vibe of the album is different from what we are used to seeing of her. There are her pure vocals for one. Also, she may not have toned it down with the glitter, but there’s definitely a soulfulness to what she is putting out. In an interview with a leading music platform, Kesha talks about her return to music.

“I kind of associate healing with kind of going back to my childlike mind. You heal what you can and keep going.”

“The hardest thing I could possibly find to say and the thing that I didn’t want to be true or I didn’t want to say and it would just bring me to tears to even think about saying out loud in a room full of co-writers. And that’s when I knew that’s the very thing I have to say, that’s the very thing I have to sing.”

But her favorite part about this whole new experience with life is meeting living legend, Bob Dylan. “When I see myself on those Worst Dressed lists all the time I just give it the finger and I’m like, Bob Dylan thinks I look good. I want to spread good vibes, so if that’s the role I’m in now and if this song is helping people heal then i like that.”

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