The Humane Society’s annual Genesis Awards will soon be honoring American singer Kesha with the Wyler Award. The ‘Tik Tok’ singer has been known for her love for animals and will be recognized for her endless work while supporting animals worldwide.


Apart from singing, Kesha has been extensively involved in supporting animals in every possible way. Every year the Wyler award is dedicated to a celebrity or a public figure who has made use of the media to increase the awareness of animal issues.

Apart from being an outspoken animal advocate, the ‘Cannibal Queen’ is also the Humane Society’s very first global ambassador. Kesha has been involved in animal supportive work like raising awareness about street dogs, seal and sea-lion hunting, dog fighting, shark fining, cruelty free cosmetics and other such issues.

The ‘Take it Off’ singer has also created a faux fur line, so as to discourage people from wearing the real thing. Kesha has recorded public service announcements and every month she also dedicates a portion of her website to a new animal issue. The ‘Die Young’ singer said in a statement, “It means so much to me to be recognized by the Humane Society of the United States because advocating for animals is second nature to me”. Kesha added that her affinity with animals and the natural world inspires her and her music.'
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