Kesha In Trouble As Dr. Luke Threatens Release Of Medical Documents

It’s anybody’s worst nightmare when private information is leaked out. And for someone in the eye of the storm, pop star Kesha is troubled that Dr. Luke might release her private medical documents and reports to the world at large. Dr. Luke, the music producer she filed a lawsuit against for sexual harassment and threatening herself and family, is now adding pressure and putting her in the spotlight after his council told the press that he will be taking this drastic step in what they call his “defence”.

Kesha Rose Sebert’s legal team has sought a Manhattan judge to not let “her most sensitive medical records including gynaecological, psychiatric and rehabilitation records going back more than ten years” be made public, owing to the sensitivity and high profile case that this is. Her legal team says that Dr. Luke is trying to publicly humiliate and embarrass her, a well-known public artist who is renowned worldwide and garners great public interest, and also that she is a woman and such fragile medical information will prove detrimental and scare her into trying to withdrawing her case. They say he is trying to do everything he can to intimidate her.


Kesha breaks down in court at a hearing that didn’t go in her favor

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The case will be brought to court once again on October 16, and Dr. Luke’s legal force has issued an official public statement to the press, which goes as:

“Because Kesha made public accusations and in the case that she was allegedly harmed by Dr. Luke, the Court ordered her to produce her medical records.

Now, Kesha wants to hide her records, while continuing to make self-serving, selective and misleading statements to hurt my client publicly.

Our position is that the Court – and not Kesha’s lawyers – should decide whether Kesha’s medical information remains confidential given her public disclosures.

We in fact offered to keep the records confidential pending the Court’s decision as to them. Kesha’s attorneys refused that offer, and instead filed their misleading motion for more press attacks on my clients.”

This has been indeed a long, tiring and defeating road for the pop star, who is the victim here, and is instead being dragged in the public, accused of being a liar and trying to get out of her contract with Dr. Luke’s record label, owned by Sony. She isn’t allowed to make music with any other record label until her contract with Sony is done. She has, in the meanwhile, being making public appearances at festivals and small gatherings and has also received assistance from another famous music producer, Zedd.

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