American pop star Kesha was scheduled to perform in Malaysia on October 26, 2013, however, the controversial singer was banned from performing by the government of the country. Reports say that the live shows of the singer conflicts with the religious beliefs.


The promoters of the concert said that the country’s officials rejected Kesha’s performance application at the last minute. The show was cancelled despite the fact that the ‘Crazy Kid’ singer had agreed to emit the offending parts of the show, as well as to amend things which would enable her to get the approval, which included a change in both lyrics and her wardrobe.

However, the country’s authorities were not ready in any case to give the approval. A representative for the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia in Malaysia said that the decision to refuse Kesha’s performance was made on the basis of religion and culture. No further details were released about the cancellation, but the ‘Die Young’ singer’s racy and controversial stage antics most likely offend the locals.

It can be said that it was quite generous of Kesha to offer to change her ways in order to do the show, so that she could perform for her Malaysian fans.

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