Lynrd: In some news from the American pop singer and song writer, Kesha, a new track ‘Tease Me’ of the singer has been leaked online. There are possibilities that the track may not be recorded for the future album of the singer.


The leaked version of the track begins with roars of the motorcycles, which sounds as if they are warming up the engines. But the track starts to descend later.

The song has a simple chorus with rough and unfinished robotic vocals. Kesha is always known for her writing skills and has never been compared to any of the song writers.

The lyrics of the song says, ‘Boys tease the girls, then the girls tease the boys. 24 day and night. Girls tease the boys, then the boys tease the girls. Its been all my life. If you’re gonna tease me, tease me. Go ahead and tease me, tease me.’ The lyrics are way below the expectations of the fans.

Kesha is currently on the tour and is not performing on the ‘Tease Me’ track. The singer’s debut single ‘Tik Tok’, which was released in the year 2009 was a major success among the fans. Later her debut album ‘Animal’ was released in the year 2010.'
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