Lynrd: American rapper and singer Kid Cudi recently revealed his new record label ‘Wicked Awesome’. The rapper during a concert in New York had announced that his label will be known as Wicked Awesome Records.


Cudi also announced the new name of his band along with producer Dot Da Genius, which was previously known as Wizard. The singer during the concert had told the crowd that he wanted to have an uncommon name for his band and decided to give it a new name.

Cudi announced his new band name as 2 Be Continuum. The rapper is expected to release a rock album later this year. Cudi hit fame in the year 2009, while he collaborated with Ratatat and MGMT.

The first album released by Cudi was A Kid Named Cudi. One of his singles Day n Nite had managed to grab the top five position of the Billboard Hot 100 in 2009. Cudi in his career has till now worked with Commom, David Guetta, Kayne West and many such artists in the music industry. The Cleaveland based rapper got his inspiration to rap from alternative hip hop groups like A Tribe Called Quest and The Pharcyde. Later Cudi moved to Brooklyn to reach new heights in his rapping career.'
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