Kings of Leon Tease with ‘Reverend’ from Latest Album ‘Walls’

If you are a fan of Kings of Leon, you have a reason to rush to Beat 1 because the band has availed its fourth track in the newest album called WALLS for preview. As Kings of Leon is preparing to break their 3-year long silence, you can preview “Reverend” here to get a hint of what Kings of Leon have been up to.

Their last album, Mechanical Bull was released in 2013, which was recorded in Los Angeles with Coldplay and Arcade Fire producer Markus Dravs.

On October 14, the band will release their latest album – ‘WALLS’. The title of the album is an acronym for “We Are Like Love Songs”. It will be released through Columbia records. The latest song to be released from the album, “Reverend”, features well-augmented guitar frames with background drum percolations. For the chorus, the track moves into an anthemic rock beat.

The Nashville rockers have already shared three other songs from WALLS. These tracks include “Waste a Moment”, “Around the World” and the title-track.

So What’s ‘Waste a Moment’ About?

It’s the story of a fiery waitress and her boyfriend driving from Texas to Hollywood (“all the way from Waco to WE-HO”). While its not a particularly dangerous lead single, it has a massive chorus that takes itself slightly too seriously (“Take the time to waste a moment”).

“There were a lot of moments where we weren’t talking,” he said. “It was like, ‘Man, we’ve become business partners. We haven’t maintained our friendship and our brotherhood, everything that we are.’” – Frontman Caleb Followill in an interview, on latest album, ‘Walls’

According to Matthew Followill, the lead guitarist, Kings of Leon decided to engage producer Markus Dravs during the production of WALLs. Markus has previously worked with Coldplay, Arcade Fire and Mumford and Sons. This move appears to be one of the comeback plans that the band intends to use to turn around its fortune.

Singer Caleb Followill said that the release of WALLS marks the end of the soul-searching period that resulted from 2013’s Mechanical Bull. He said that the team had lost its vigor due to various past issues but the continuous release of tracks from the new album shows that they are back at it again. Caleb says that the new release has a great significance in his personal life. As he looks back to 2011 when the band cancelled a tour due to his addiction to alcohol, he thinks of “Reverend” as a new genesis for his life, just as other tracks have brought change to his personal life.

Check out the full track list for ‘Walls’ by ‘Kings of Leon’ below.

‘Waste A Moment’


‘Around The World’

‘Find Me’



‘Conversation Piece’

‘Eyes On You’



Listen to the title track of ‘Walls’ featuring frontman Caleb Followill playing acoustic guitar, below.'
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