KoRn Has A New Bassist – The 12-Year-Old Son Of Metallica’s Robert Trujillo

KoRn will be touring South America this Summer ’17 and they’re bringing a special guest along. Bassist Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu has pulled out of the tour due to “unforeseen circumstances”, so they got someone who is perfect to cover for him. Tye Trujillo, the 12-year-old son of Metallica’s Robert Trujillo will be playing bass in place of Fieldy. Talk about Children of the KoRn!

Tye is already the bassist for a kid’s band called The Helmets. You can watch the video of them playing the cover of Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes at the Bowl Park, Chile for Kidzapalooza. Being the off-spring of one of the Big 4’s bassists has got to have its effect on DNA and the ability to kill it in metal.

There’s also a throwback video of Robert and Tye Trujillo hanging out for Record Store Day 2016. Father to son, they discuss old vinyl copies of some of the biggest bands of that time that influenced generations after. In fact, Robert even gifted Tye a vinyl of the late Lemmy’s Motörhead. We know how much Metallica adores Lemmy and counts the late rocker for influencing them back in the day. Their track Murder One from their latest album Hardwired… To Self-Destruct is testament to that. And how great is it to see a father pass it on this legacy to his son.

Of course, Tye Trujillo, who is a mini copy of his dad, long hair and all, is a Black Sabbath fan, saying that is most favorite song from the Ozzy Osbourne-led mayhem is Iron Man. Starting off in the metal family so young and already doing so well for himself shows that there’s so much more to come from this kid. Watch out for Tye! We will be seeing him on stage for the first time with KoRn, which is a massive feat for anybody, especially a kid his age. To have him take on the style of Fieldy is something not to be missed.


Image Credit: Consequence of Sound

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