KoRn Thrash It Out In New ‘Insane’ Music Video

Oh hey there, Children of the KoRn! In an exclusive on their YouTube channel, the big daddies of nu metal released the video for their second single off their upcoming album. Titled ‘Insane’, the super dark track will be on their The Serenity Of Suffering album.

The video to Insane depicts a bygone era scene when manual cameras were still the thing. A momento mori theme (photographs that were taken of the dead to appear like they are still alive. This was a popular practice and the dead were made to wear their favourite clothing, were adorned with jewelry, caked with white face powder and made to sit upright in their chairs). A morbid scene to say the least, but darkly beautiful. The video is directed by Ryan Valdez and is actually not for the faint-hearted.


KoRn’s The Serenity Of Suffering, releasing October 21

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Jonathan Davis is at his usual tormented best, belting out unbeatable lyrics. It’s great to have Brian ‘Head’ Welch back in the brotherhood, because KoRn is definitely trying their best to get back to their old roots, and are doing a damn good job at it already. Around a month ago, they released Rotting In Vain, a video that starred Sons of Anarchy star Tommy Flanagan, and that, too, was dark to say the least. The whole theme for the upcoming The Serenity Of Suffering album is more gothic than what we have ever seen the band do, and fans will be happy, especially after they tried (and failed) with the dubstep-strong The Path Of Totality.

KoRn are already busy touring with metal fossil, Rob Zombie. They are also planning to accompany Breaking Benjamin on a tour titled ‘Nocturnal Underground’. Their latest studio album, The Serenity Of Suffering is scheduled for a worldwide release on October 21. You can actually pre-order the album on Amazon and iTunes.

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