Kylie Minogue cancels German tour due to financial challenges

Aussie pop star Kylie Minogue cancels Kiss Me Once tour’s Germany leg.

Australian pop star Kylie Minogue has announced the cancellation of her Germany tour owing to the promoters “financial difficulty”. Her “Kiss Me Once” tour was scheduled to kick off in Cologne, Germany on October 22, 2014, followed by live performances in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. 

The 46-year-old pop singer was forced to do so because German promoter CT Creative Talent GmbH’s preliminary insolvency hearings.

The All The Lovers hitmaker made the unfortunate announcement via her official website and wrote, ”I am extremely disappointed that due to financial difficulties of the German promoter CT Creative Talent GmbH, I am unable to perform the scheduled shows in Cologne, Munich, Berlin and Hamburg. The Administrator who is now controlling CT Creative Talent GmbH, is unable to confirm that we have the venues and facilities needed to be able to put on the shows.”

She also took to Twitter and apologized, “I’m so disappointed I won’t see you next week. We’re working really hard to bring the KMO show to u soon. Keep you posted.”

The pop star’s career has been charting rocky shores, her latest album – Kiss Me Once (2014) – under rapper Jay Z’s Roc Nation management didn’t set of any sparks on the charts. It made a sudden hike to No.2 in the UK, followed by a even quicker downfall to 100. 

The LP’s numbers such as Into The Blue and I Was Gonna Cancel also failed to ignite any buzz on the carts.

Minogue recently (2013) parted ways with her 25-year-long manager Terry Blamey who played a crucial part in the singer’s career; in 1987, he launched her first release Locomotion, Kylie was 19 at the time.

Reports claim that the split happened due to crucial differences between Minogue’s father Ron, however, there was no confirmation from either side about this and it was called an “amicable split”. 

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