Popular American pop singer Lady GaGa now has the company of her mother while she is on her Monster Ball tour. Cynthia Germanotta has reportedly joined the singer to keep a watchful eye on her Grammy award-winning daughter, while she is touring.


Cynthia is apparently aware of her 25 year-old daughter’s lifestyle and has decided to accompany her throughout GaGa’s touring schedule. GaGa’s mother has now become more concerned after last year’s incident, when she had collapsed on the road.

The “Poker Face” singer’s mother will now have a check on her daughter’s diet as well keep a watchful eye on her drinking habits. Cynthia will make sure she eats and stays healthy between her shows.


According to a close friend of GaGa, the singer has a very traditional relationship with her parents. Her parents are among those who have more parental concerns. GaGa’s friend also added that her mother thinks that the 25-year-old singer drinks too much and eats less. Now that Cynthia is with her daughter, she will make sure that her drinks are in control with a proper and balanced diet. In some latest news from GaGa, the singer has already started directing the video for the latest single ‘Judas’. The video is being directed along with her sister Natali.'
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