American singer and song writer Lady Gaga has turned on her social media network and has announced the Little Monsters Film Project. All the Little Monsters can create films which are based on Gaga and her music.

If the singer is impressed then she can use it for one of her new songs. This seems to be the best opportunity and Gaga made the announcement was made through Monster Vision saying, “Since Twitter is broken down and we have you all to ourselves, pay attention. Pop culture takeover.”

The revelation was made along side Tara Savelo, her personal make-up artist. Savelo is responsible of creating her exotic looks at the Asian leg of Born This Way Ball Tour.

Gaga added, “Basically what we’re doing is the Little Monsters film project. We’re doing a project for film. Send us a video — a film — that shows us how you would like to shoot me or an inspiration for how you’d like to shoot me.” The singer in the video was bit spacy as she could not speak or give the directions in linear fashion. Gaga also said that it is not an audition but is a freefall. And this is what is all about.'
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