American singer Lady Gaga is making big and creating waves with her ongoing Born This Way Tour. But there is also a section who might not be that happy with her stage shows.

An official from the Thailand’s Culture Ministry has criticised Gaga over the use of Thailand’s national flag during a performance in Bangkok last month. When the singer was performing on her song ‘Heavy Metal Lover’, Gaga transforms in to the motorcycle that appears on the cover of ‘Born This Way’.

During the performance, the singer tied the Thailand’s flag to the back of the human motorbike and rode around the stage. And as usual, Gaga was seen wearing next to nothing while the flag waved behind her.

The official while speaking to the Associated Press said that Thailand’s culture ministry said that Gaga’s use of the Nation’s flag was not appropriate and hurt the feelings of the Thai people. The behaviour from Gaga might not be a surprising one but it has indeed hurt the feelings of a section of people. During the Asian tour of the Born This Way Ball, the singer has faced a lot of criticism and her show in Indonesia was also cancelled due to protests from conservative activists.'
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