American singer and song writer Lady Gaga has finally released a prelude to for the video of the track ‘Marry The Night’. A still photograph has also been released by the singer which shows herself being wheeled in to the hospital.

The prelude has a voice over of the singer , as she is taken in to the hospital. Gaga in the a minute and a half long teaser is seen with bobbed hair and bright orange lipstick and says that when she looks back in her life, its not that she does not want to see things exactly as they happened, but prefers to remember them in an artistic way.

The singer is also seen talking about a few statements about clinical Psychology that trauma is the ultimate killer and also some thought provoking statements like memories are not recycled like atoms. The point that the singer is trying to stress in the prelude is that she prefers fantasy over reality.

Gaga also explained that the green gauze hairnets that the nurses are wearing are cocked in the side of stylish Parisian barets. Later the singer also mentions that the caps are meant to keep the blood out of their hair. But till now the mystery behind all these statements are still under suspense.'
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