lynrd: American pop queen, Lady GaGa recently opened her ‘Good Morning America’ summer concert with four tracks and an inspiring message. The singer started off with her hit ‘Bad Romance’, which was responsible for her fame.


At the first verse, the singer did not appear on stage, while the floor was dominated by the male and female dancers dressed in black skirts. GaGa made an aerial entry to the stage with a hand tram sliding across her fans in the crowd.

The singer was initially wearing a cloak with white and red scarves, which made her resemble like Cruella. After the cloak was removed GaGa was seen wearing a red transparent body glove.

The singer while in an interview with Robin Roberts said, ‘I live half way between reality and theatre at all times. I was born this way’. And as soon as the singer was asked about her outfit, she said, ‘I Love my fans, thank you for coming. They are my family for sure.’ GaGa added that ‘Born This Way’ was about being yourself and to be proud of what you are. The crowd screamed and shouted when she said, ‘There is no dream that’s too big’. GaGa at the concert had even encouraged her fans to follow their heart.'
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