American singer and songwriter Lady Gaga took to the stage during the launch event for her third album ‘Artpop’ and performed live at the Brooklyn docks on November 11, 2013. As usual, the ‘Alejandro’ singer had a unique stage presence as she wore a white leotard and a white wig.


On late Sunday, November 10, 2013, Lady Gaga performed tracks from her highly-anticipated album ‘Artpop’, which was launched in collaboration with the US artist Jeff Koons. As the ‘Bad Romance’ singer performed, the crowd went crazy and her fans were seen mobbing the pop superstar with their cell phone cameras as they danced to the tunes. The new album’s launch marks the return of the bizarre and outrageous singer into the limelight.

In the past, Gaga collaborated with some popular contemporary artists, including Koons, who depicted her as post-modern Botticellian Venus for the artwork of ‘Artpop’. During a packed press conference, Gaga said, “I just want 11/11 to be a time for us all to really open our minds and project a brand-new future in communication, in technology, in visual art”.

The new album by the ‘Judas’ singer is the follow up to her successful 2008’s release ‘The Fame’ and her second record, ‘Born This Way’.

Photo Credits: That Grape Juice'
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