Lynrd: American pop singer Lady Gaga is likely to released her next single ‘You & I’. The hint about the single was given through her tweets and seems like the ‘Poker Face’ singer would also be releasing the video of it too.

lady gaga

Media reports have said that the singer is currently shooting for the video of the single in Nebraska. One of the crew members of the video has admitted that they were shooting for the video of the single where she sings, ‘Theres something, about my cool Nebraska guy. Nebraska I Love you.’

Since the place is very much related to the lyrics of the song Nebraska, there are all the possibilities that the singer must be shooting for the video of the song. As the lyrics suggest, the singer boasts about her love – who is from Nebraska.

It was further indicated that the Nebraska guy she has been talking about is a native of the place. It happens to be Luc Carl, who is a heavy metal drummer. The drummer has reportedly broken the heart of the singer. The video of the single is reportedly going to be epic just like the song. Moreover, it has also been said that Gaga is only capable of turning the simple town of Nebraska in to a fashion locale.'
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