Lady Gaga Named Billboard’s Woman Of The Year

Though a lot of artists have made a breakthrough this year with hits that dominated the charts, there was one woman who stayed true to the art: Lady Gaga. Her album, Cheek To Cheek which she released along with Tony Bennett didn’t make it to the top of the pop charts like her previous works did, but that didn’t stop the Mother Monster from being the underdog throughout the year and coming out the winner at the end.

Lady Gaga says in no unclear terms, that she wants to be known for who she is and what she does, rather than for selling out just to be famous. As she grows older in the industry, she says she wants to do what is true to her and just be herself. She proved that at this year’s Oscar’s when she performed a breathtaking medley from the musical, The Sound Of Music.

In an exclusive interview with Billboard, the Woman Of The Year sadly states that everyone had written her off, but that didn’t stop her from being the showstopper at this year’s prime awards show.

She had also made headlines later in the year with her video for “Til It Happens To You” about rape, which is still considered a sensitive and taboo topic. WATCH IT HERE.

To view the photo shoot and read the exclusive interview with Billboard’s Woman Of The Year, Lady Gaga CLICK HERE.

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