Lynrd: American singer and songwriter, Lady GaGa, performed on her latest single ‘The Edge of Glory’ at the season finale of American Idol. The lyrics of the songs were just perfect for the finalists Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery.


Despite all the performances of Tony Bennett, Beyonce and Tom Jones, GaGa was the best entertainer on the show. As the singer is known for, GaGa wore the best bizarre outfits for the show, with a head gear resembling like a chandelier.

The head gear came off along with some of her clothing, when she sang , ‘Im on the edge of glory with you’. Now the singer was just left with her usual outfit of black bra, panties and boots.

Overall, the singer’s performance was definitely a head turner for the audience. The best part of GaGa’s performance was her bizarre styling that she s known for. Moreover, the voice of the singer was the thing that was most appealing. GaGa has always known for her live performances on stage shows and concerts.

The singer’s voice has been many times compared to that of Madonna and Gwen Stefani. Fashion has always been in spotlight on GaGa’s performances. Most of her public appearances have shown her in bizarre outfits.'
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